Just Another Text Editor


Just Another Text Editor.


To install head to the following website and hit install! Alternitavely you can use CodeCr8 straight from the browser!


Code Snippets


new WebpackPwaManifest({ // Generates a manifest file for Progressive Web Apps
        name: "JATE", // The name of the app
        short_name: "JATE", // A short name for the app
        description: "Just Another Text Editor!", // A description of the app
        background_color: "#225ca3", // The background color of the app
        theme_color: "#225ca3", // The color theme of the app
        publicPath: "./",
        start_url: "./", // The URL to open when the app is launched
        icons: [ // An array of icon objects
            src: path.resolve("src/images/logo.png"), // The path to the icon file
            sizes: [96, 128, 192, 256, 384, 512], // The sizes of the icon file to generate
            destination: path.join("assets", "icons"), // The directory to output the icon files

IndexDB GET Function

// GET function to retrieve all data from the database
export const getDb = async () => {
  console.log("Getting data from the jateDB");
  // Connect to the database
  const jateDb = await openDB("jate", 1);
  // Create a new transaction with read-only privileges
  const tx = jateDb.transaction("jate", "readonly");
  // Open the object store
  const objStore = tx.objectStore("jate");
  // Use the .getAll() method to retrieve all content from the object store
  const req = objStore.getAll();
  // Wait for the request to complete and log the result
  const res = await req;
  console.log("data retrieved from the jateDB", res);